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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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good to have you with this is live in moscow top stories now at half past the hour in the russian capital the u.n. human rights watchdog agrees to send an investigator to look at abuse allegations in syria but russia votes against saying a report criticizing the government crackdown is not the full picture and the international community is receiving biased accounts of what's happening in the country. germany says there are no rapid solutions to the debt crisis and it could take years to revive the eurozone and save the single currency chancellor i'm going to buckle believes the region needs
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a new financial union with stronger controls and debt regulations. egypt started announcing the results of the country's first post revolution elections after a forty eight hour delay but the muslim brotherhood is already celebrating the victory claiming to have gained forty percent of the vote. i'll be back with another summer if we in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime let's go out and today it focuses on the main cultural symbol of russia it's the bolshoi theatre which is finally being returned to its glory from the days this sounds. great. to. soldiers but the. moscow.
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hello and welcome to the must go out so in this week's program we'll be exploring the magnificence of both so i think it's up to six years the main stage of the historical landmark has been dogged but now it's going to ring chandeliers a shining once again so join me martin andrews as we explore the historical a magnificent building that fuses its classic original designs with modern technology states craft and high tech facilities as the main cultural symbol of russia the bolshoi theatre has finally returns to its glory striking day or night illuminated exterior now shuns proud after years of being covered by scaffolding canvas and other building materials it took six years and billions of rubles but
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finally the historic bolshoi theater is reopened to nurture and showcase the present and future of russian and international talent. watched by millions in russia and around the world the opening dollar performance in october was an exclusive invitation of the event as well as various political figures international celebrities and russian ballet and opera veterans the heads of milan's the skull theatre vienna state opera and london's covent garden opera house are among the first high profile guests to officially visit the newly reopened theater the bolshoi doesn't translate to marge or grant. the company was founded in seven hundred seventy six by russian prince peter little soft an english entrepreneur. michael maddox following a decree by empress catherine the great seven hundred eighty the construction of
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the first theater was completed it was destroyed by fire a reconstructed several times the newly reopened main building of the bolshoi we see today looks exactly as it was back in eight hundred fifty six when it was opened to mark the carnation of the empress alexander the second back then they quickly became not only the temple of arts but also a place where important state of fans who hosted. after the revolution it served as a political gathering place for the bullshit party and during world war two it was bombed by the nazis and suffered considerable damage nevertheless the main building hadn't undergone any major renovation in over a century so when it was closed in two thousand and five the building was in critical condition it's really falling apart but now after restoration which ranks as the most meticulous and expensive in the history of theater the bolshoi is finally taken for business.
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inside the theater the entire space was stripped from the bottom up the work proved more challenging than expected and a series of deadlines were set and missed the budget went over the initial figure and the opening night was delayed several times so was it worth the wait and is it money well spent. i think it's certainly state of the art for the performers. the reception area has been magnificent they restored gives you an absolutely wonderful feeling that. the acoustics are very good in the hall. it's very encouraging to see and. a city where the arts culture take an absolutely major place in. public policy clearly no expense to be spared to make this place state of the art one of the finest it's in europe. in the stone age it's very encouraging to see that something else and very
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high priority there was a way the long time you consider for a lot of effort and. forward shows are from the bolshoi is it shows all the bravado all the colorful most of. the dancers so i think it's perfect why as a foreigner when you think of moscow it's one of the things that you think of. it's one of the most famous landmarks and so for us really interested to go inside and see what it's like to see the striking interiors with your own eyes is quite something you really feel as if you're back in the ground times of the russian empire the designs here are breathtaking hundreds of spruce with anil's were imported from the austrian alps to replace those ripped out by the bolsheviks. so decorations are also remade from scratch in a special look shop in moscow ministry. this is the other whitehall located just
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about the entrance of the theater over twenty billion rubles were allocated to the renovation of the theater that's around seven hundred million dollars vast sums of money were spent on new additions like escalators lifts hydraulics back stage as well as a complete overhaul of the structure and interior designs the frescoes and vast quantities of gold leaf were replaced and i even heard various materials were even washed with vodka and polished this girl tells. the bolshoi has been associated with ballet from its beginnings. will famous one lake premiered on its stage on the fourth of march eight hundred seventy seven other staples of the boss your repertoire include tchaikovsky sleeping beauty and the nutcracker adams g.'s lp coffee s romeo and juliet hans spartacus the theatre is also known for its opera productions of course. oh.
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this season which is the two hundred thirty six in the boss was history teaches such classical performances as bogus cordoned off common and tossed it to mention just a few the company tours a lot being an important source of cultural prestigious also collaborates with the world's most famous the it is. the sky is the first international gas company on the bolshoi's newly reopened main stage and an impressive exhibition of costumes and italian theater is displayed in the foyer as possible because they're sure the relationship and collaboration between the two theaters has a long history in the past century our opera singers went to training at the scarlet dances from the scarlet came to practice at the bolshoi and now we don't only exchange companies who also worked together in organizing museum exhibition. you can see one of the several dance studios that are situated in the attic space
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of the bolshoi concentrating is an important part of any performers life early morning classes are a must to keep up technique precision and strength as athletes in every possible way competition is right in the industry and the opening of the new season means the world's eyes are on the performers to. a once in a lifetime experience for me it's. going out on to the stage and seeing it really. how big it is and how grand it is and how beautiful the restoration has been it's it's really once in a lifetime and. you know the only thing i hope is that i enjoy the experience because the pressure is on and you know i do demand a lot from myself as an artist as do all artists i feel so i hope i will be able
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to. enjoy it you know and really kind of basking in in the moment the bolshoi is in fact a repertory theater being that it rotates a number of different productions and popular they are the first few months of the theaters calendar is sold out already. also is not just a it's a. complex everywhere you look there are hundreds of nora dollars later this year the hallways of this stage is a rehearsal recorded in the upper levels of. we can see around her so for an upcoming performance of sleeping beauty the performers can get used to dancing and performing in the full costs more importantly they can adjust to the full sized hands the rake on the floor dancing on an angle is not.
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a good microphone in hands the creative staff give directions to the dances problems are ironed out costumes sometimes adjusted and staging slightly changed with many children in this production everything is several times and although discipline is apparent the still a sense of excitement and joy in the n. s rehearsals are under way backstage teams also racing against the clock to meet various stand lines here we can see the wardrobe department just look at the wonderful detail and imagination that goes into these designs. hundreds of costumes a needed for each production also by hand a maid to measure for each performer. to the on stage area now the first thing i
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notice is that the stage of the bolshoi is actually flat this means that the space is fully flexible here a full stage with a rake meaning an angle and intricate design has been built on top of the original floor anything can be achieved looking up and the space seems to go on for ever the flies holding a lot of scenery here me thinks i see a golden palace when exploring the area behind the scenes you really see the vast technical side that goes into such theater productions the whole process is like a large factory and it can look like organized chaos when a ballet or opera is in full flight. i fortunately managed to be given a ticket for tonight's performance you can still feel the excitement in the air for many including myself it's the first time they've stepped foot inside the historic building and the interiors do not disappoint. russia might be the largest country
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in the world but has just handful of cultural emblems the bolshoi is indeed one of russia's greatest brands and being amongst the oldest most famous ballet and opera companies in the world is something people of any nationality should cherish. absolutely spectacular well fortunately that's that's how we have left on this week's program on the recently renovated theater i'll see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the crew by now.
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he's telling. me. the dynamic. for. my. culture is that so much of an old a huge musician on the market going from very to even worse this is the stage of us pakistan relations after a cross border attack that left up to twenty pakistani. official. i pod touch from the.
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video. feeds with the palm of your. top stories this hour in r.t. the un human rights watchdog agrees to send an investigator to look at abuse allegations in syria but russia votes against saying a report criticizing the government crackdown is not the full picture and the international community is receiving pies to come from what's happening in the country led germany says there are no rapid solutions to the debt crisis and it could take years to revive the eurozone and save the single currency transfer i get a miracle but the region needs a new financial union with stronger controls and debt regulations. egypt started announcing the results of the country's first post revolution elections
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after a forty eight hour delay. the muslim brotherhood is already celebrating the victory claiming to have gained forty percent of the votes. more in their stories with me in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime union is next. now know who stands in the way of russia at euro two thousand and twelve next summer we certainly to tell you bill i was in the news room when the draw was made and i tell you what there was a lot of russians with a lot of fingers crossed and it's paid off we're going to have a look at why that is in just a second right. thanks for joining us this is indeed sport today plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so including the stories in brief. look of the draw rochelle in the fifteen other euro two thousand and twelve qualified nations discover their group stage fate in kiev. continental quest to join fellow russian side c.s.k.
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a moscow in the last sixteen of basketball's you're only. unclip wings it's double trouble for the star laden eagles in the n.f.l. with the feat to seattle meaning they've lost twice as many games this year as they've won. but we do solid football where the euro two thousand and twelve group stage draw was being carried out in kiev russia hundred watts looks on paper probably the easiest of the four groups for next summer's finals let's take a look dick advocaat side will go up against co-host poland greece and the czech republic their first clash i meeting with the czechs and through slough on the very first day of the tournament june eighth it's followed by a game with poland four days later in warsaw and then greece also in the polish capital on june the sixteenth. and i'm proved to be could very well be tied to a group of death expect fireworks when the netherlands germany portugal and denmark
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do battle for the two qualifying spots on offer. group c. also in the running for toughest of the four that will see world and european champions spain defend their crown against italy be in form creation and ireland the group's first game clinker of a clash between the spaniards on just. one group d. that's the most wide open at this stage cousteau you train and sweet. no france will be called off making the quarter finals another is in danger a lot the bookies already predicting spain germany final on july first. and russian team funds will now know where to find their side during next summer's continental extravaganza in the country's capital to see she's having dick of a cut and cole will be based in kiev that despite the fact that the team will be playing all of their group games in poland now los angeles galaxy midfielder david
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beckon may be still basking in the glory of a science m.l.s. cup victory but his contract stateside is set to expire at the end of the year and the question is will football's biggest superstar be listing up his boots next season been lucky enough to be. some of the best teams in the world and been successful with some of the best teams in the world so i'm very proud of very proud of. the time that i've spent here with the galaxy. and it might continue you know i think at the end i have a big decision to make. to the hardwood now are both of russia's representatives in the euro league have made it safely through to the top sixteen in excuse on joining c.s.k. moscow there following a thirteen point zero very gala task it was the visionaries though who started the stronger finishing the opening quarter twenty three twenty one ahead thanks to this three pointer by preston shumpert but it's still football to run by the half time
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buzzer establishing a slender thirty five thirty four lead it was in the third wherever the host turned up the heat extending their advantage to eight points and may never look back in the final period either seventy two sixty one the final score meaning the next no sealed their last sixteen place a game week or i. the current second best tennis player in the world has done his part to try and secure spain yet another davis cup title. dating his country's bid for a third try and since two thousand and eight by defeating arjun time one minako enron once opening rubber on friday the spaniard dominating all except losing just the four games i see help this country claim a one zero lead so well as compared to a david fers currently off against juan martin del potro in the second singles rubber a set up piece in the one with the score very close in the third as well as spain
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with a total of four titles while argentina have never won it all finishing rochelle. moving stateside on to the n.f.l. with the stuffing philadelphia eagles have sunk and even further down the standing seattle's marshawn lynch entering what he refers to as beast mode with the running back earning the seahawks to an easy win on thursday the twenty five year old showing the philadelphia defense exactly what he meant with his choice of description lynch disappearing into the pile with me for an instant finishing off a fifteen yard run to the scoring bench not visiting the end zone yet. running the defenders in the second to make it four zero a season high one hundred forty eight yards to score for lynch allowing seattle to cruise with thirty one forty eagles despite having plenty of superstar talent to call upon no sing to a dismal four wins eight losses. over a call for rory mcilroy and. holding onto the lead at the halfway stage of the hong
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kong open while fellow overnight leader david horsey has fallen off the pace three shots off the top mike royko have been all alone at the summit of the halfway stage but the last three holes force the twenty two year old back the northern irishman still well in place for a top two finish which would keep him in the euro money title hunt against. the royal had a big. on the it didn't finish the day strongly with a birdie to also cart a seven under for the run scott richie ramsay and thailand's pun of pole yard i want to share the first. russian figure skater you give me please shank is giving up the political podium to fully focus on reaching the winter olympic one again the two thousand and six cheering gold medalist stating he found it impossible to juggle his rink skills with commitment to the just russia political party the twenty nine year old was elected to disappear for a legislative assembly to represent the social democratic party back in two
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thousand and seven. it was then forces for silver of the twenty ten who were against despite entering the winter olympics the favorite the russian with an eye on quitting politics since then attending very few parliamentary sessions from last year on words the twenty fourteen sochi games are realistically fishtank as a last chance to pocket another olympic gold. there's no better way for nothing to start the season than with a top place finish an all good party let's not confuse for them the russian claiming the first skeleton gold all the twenty eleven twelve year in austria the twenty two year old learning from mistakes moving up from their interrupts both to first during their second attempt on friday australian am at lincoln smith was first off for the open run but have to settle for silver while comedian melissa hollingsworth finished third during both runs for bronze all eyes though on the let's know who's not pocketed on an all girl world cup goal. and let's keep the
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winter sports theme and head to russia's famous share a gash area which played host to a women's freeride world cup stage this week local ana orlova winning the snowboarding events while her compatriots dominated the ski section in what proved the most picturesque of competitions.
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our. our.
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our our our. our . finally the winter holidays may be faster approaching but for the following joy bringers tis the season to see who's the strongest fastest smartest plenty of christmas on competitive spirit required to take part in this something close world championships the event in switzerland has been hosted for the past decade on this year's fielding to the reigning champions. some to new and of course for having a team of little help push the boundaries are also divided into teams of four plenty of mrs claus there are two with winter sports dominating the agenda not enough though just to be
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a slave master history and geography knowledge also needed to hold hold our way to victory sunday never want to put all these toys in one basket and correcting that was also part of the contest local stores are again proving to have the most festive of all the spirits their stockings filled with the second straight. wealth on to them all the sport for now weather is next and bill dog is here with all the news at the top of the hour.
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wealthy british style holds a spot on. the. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports.


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